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Friday, 15 October 2010

Causes and Effects of Pollution in Egypt (final draft)

Their are  many sources for pollution around the world ,but man's greed is the main source of this
phenomenon . Their are also many types of  pollution  such as air pollution ,water pollution and noise pollution. .   Presumedly, it affects our health badly,as it causes the death of many people every year.Unfortunately Egypt  suffers from all kinds of pollution except nuclear pollution ,because the majority of egyptian do not know the dangerous effects of pollution on their health. Noise pollution is one of the most dangerous types of pollution in our country because of many bad   habits  , customs and traditions in our society.
         Their are many sources for noise pollution in Egypt. Firstly the unbearable  sound of cars and buses horns in traffic jam especially  during rush hours .Secondly,sound of the street sellers  who call nearly  around the clock with their ugly voice in order to sell  their  goods . Thirdly ,children who  live in random areas  spend most of the day playing  games that makes  noisy sounds , either with fire works or  foot ball. Fourthly ,people who walk in the street or ride motor cycles  listening to music with extremely high sound. Finally, wedding festivals that  takes place in the street .The  organisersThese kind of festivals  use  about three of four huge speakers that disturb the  inhabitants of   the area in which the festival takes place.

      Based on the above mention, noise pollution affects our health badly. Firstly,it affects our mental health,people  these days  became nervous than any time before.Secoundly, it is one of the main sources which  that causes the increase of man's heart beats, that's  why the number of heart patients increase every month  .Thirdly,noise pollution is the main source of partial deaf as it causes the corruption forthe cells our inner ear   . Finally, it is responsible for the decrease of man's concentration especially in big cities.  

       consequently,noise pollution can cause mass genocide for the egyptian society.Every year many egyptian people become closer to death because  of noise pollution. we can not deny that our lives changes to the worst because of loud sounds that we hear daily.  The only solution for this problem is to get rid of our  deadly habits and  customs in order to live longer and healthy.

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